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Did you know that the name Chinbrook is derived from "Chin Brook" which was an alternative name for the Quaggy River at the turn of the twentieth century.

Chinbrook is a suburb in South East London; it is located 14km (8.7mi) South East of Charing Cross and is in the South East corner of the London Borough of Lewisham on its boundary with the London Borough of Bromley.

Chinbrook lies between Grove Park and Mottingham, approximately half a mile East of Grove Park centre and is generally considered part of Grove Park.

The Chinbrook Big Local area consists of 1,615 properties; the vast majority of which are houses, the highest proportion of these houses are either social registered housing or owner occupied of a pre 1930’s terraced cottage design.

There are two main housing estates in the area. Grove Park Estate, to the southwest of the crossroads is a group of roads all with terraced houses, and some semi-detached houses between Marvels Lane and Chinbrook Meadows that was built by Lewisham council between 1926 and 1929.

Chinbrook Estate, to the southeast of the crossroads is several small roads, has two high tower blocks plus many smaller terrace houses and flats and one community centre.

It lies in the south east corner of the Grove Park ward but comes under SE9 not SE12 like most of Grove Park.

It is surrounded by and has entrances on Marvels Lane, Dunkery Road, Grove Park Road and Mottingham Sports Ground.