Jacqui Cook

Joint Vice Chair




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Hello, my name is Jacqui Cook and I am part of ChART.  I am a mum and carer and have lived in Chinbrook for 26 years. A lifetime for some.

I love it here, for me I feel safe and secure and have some marvellous friends and neighbours. A good community around me which makes me feel protected also.

Besides volunteering with ChART I like to watch t.v., meet up with friends and connect with other friends through social media. If you see me at any our events, please come up to chat, there is always plenty going on with ChART and it is good to connect with what is going on in the area.

Anne Slater

Joint Vice Chair




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As a long term resident and Chair of Friends of Chinbrook Meadows I see ChART as an exciting opportunity for our area.

An opportunity to develop projects that will benefit different groups and individuals across our community and bring people together in new ventures and activities.

Our park is an amazing local resource which could be used in new and exciting ways so I hope to be involved in getting more local people to enjoy and use this resource.

anja 150

Anja Headicar

Health and Green Spaces Co-ordinator




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As Health and Green Spaces Coordinator, I will be working to increase wellbeing in the community by encouraging people from all ages to come out and enjoy the lovely Chinbrook Meadow through various activities. We’ll be running conservation sessions – and potentially develop other exercise opportunities for people to take part in.
I will also be working to support senior activities in the Chinbrook area – and develop a plan for supporting local carers.
I am always interested in meeting and hearing from local people, so please get in touch if you have ideas, questions or want to get involved:

Mobile: 07455 213291

Suzannah Clarke

Employment, Skills and Training Coordinator


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One of the most important things in life is financial stability and for most people that means access to employment.

In this role I will be helping our local residents to further their opportunities in life through gaining skills, accessing further training and apprenticeships, and moving into employment.

I will also be looking at the barriers people face when trying to move forward such as the cost of training and travel, and issues around childcare and caring.

We will provide information on where to find these opportunities through:
• A local job club
• Job information days
• Signposting residents to apprenticeships
• A local information point

Other services we will provide:
• A homework club for secondary school students
• Access to employability skills such as CV writing and ESOL (English for Speakers of other Languages)

If you would like to know more please get in touch:
Mobile: 07450 555942

The Team

Other Steering Group Members

  1. Georgina Butler – resident
  2. Kath Webb - resident
  3. Natalina Coghlan-Jasiewicz - resident
  4. Sabrina Coghlan-Jasiewicz - resident
  5. David Higgs - resident
  6. Bartholomew (Frog) Morris - resident
  7. Eddie Dove – Marvels Lane Primary School and Children’s Centre
  8. Patricia Okonkwo – L&Q Housing
  9. Trevor Pybus – Community Connections
  10. Colin Elliot – Local Councillor