Priorities for Year 6-8 2021-2023


Priority 1 : Health Well-being and Environment

  • A healthy and well community. A community with access to appropriate projects which positively improve individuals’ well-being both physical and mental. An engaged community who understands the wider impacts of lifestyle, economics, and environment on their own well-being.
  • Well used, vibrant spaces that the community takes pride in and uses to relax, learn and socialise

Priority 2 : Grants and Youth Opportunities

  • Opportunities to grow and learn, extend our horizons and try new activities that will bring us together across age groups and culturally diverse groups. Young people should have opportunities to develop new skills and friendships and interests that widen their horizons.

Priority 3 : Routes out of Poverty

  • Supporting families and individuals to find routes out of poverty; including fuel poverty, food poverty and helping people out of crisis.

Building a thriving and prosperous community, where young to old have access to reliable affordable finance and advice and support when times are hard

Current Plan 2021 - 2023

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