Overview of actions in Year 1

For more details, download the Plan from the Documents section.

Priority 1 : Social Investment & Small Grants

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• Employment of a Part- Time Community Organiser (Financial Inclusion).

• Set-up of a Sub group to focus on Social Investment opportunities for local people which include:
- Access to a credit union.
- Recruitment of Local Money Mentors.

• Young Savers Club.

Priority 2 : Health & Well-being

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• Employment of a Part-Time Community Organiser (Health & Conservation).

• Carers Hub - Scoping piece of work to establish Carers Hubs.

• A young Carers Club at Marvels Lane Primary School  – linked to the Carers support planned under the Health and Well-being theme to provide a young carers club.

Priority 3 : Education, Training & Employment

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• Employment of a Part Time Community Organiser – Education, Training & Employment.

• Homework club for local students.

• Education & Training Grants: Programme of grants to support young people aged 16-24 years to attend education and training sessions once they have completed the Taster Training Courses provided by Community Education Lewisham.

Priority 4 : Community & Belonging

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• Trips and activities for older people.

• Self managing programme of events with engagement and support from the Co-ordinator (Community & Belonging)

• A range of communication, engagement events and activities to be delivered by the LTO and Big Local Staff within the area.

• Development of a communication plan for Year One which clearly identifies activities and delivery.

Priority 5 : Parks & Green Spaces

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• Employment of a Part-Time Community Organiser (Health & Conservation).

• Green Gym.

• Equipment & Materials – grant to Friends of Chinbrook Meadows.

Priority 6 : Community Safety

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• A crime hotspot map for Chinbrook.

• Partnership to work with local Police to recruit a Police Partnership Member to ChART.

Year 1

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