Building on Year 1, these are the proposed actions in Years 2-5

For more details, download the Plan from the Documents section.


Priority 1 : Social Investment & Small Grants

• Employment of a Part- Time Community Organiser (Financial Inclusion).

• Volunteer Money Mentors.

• Small grants fund with resident (Dragons Den) panel – delivered through participatory budgeting to facilitate more participation on local decisions on spend.

• Extension of the Year One Young Savers scheme with credit union and primary school that includes training and parent education.

• Small Business Loan Fund: Revolving loan fund for residents with a specific target group agreed and one for small business.

• Personal grants: Accessibility grants to make community services more accessible to disabled people (after gaps are identified).

• Chinbrook Pound: Development of a Chinbrook Pound where people can use local 'currency' to barter services or goods.

• Community Investment Fund:  A local ‘crowd funding project’  where people can save for a community spend and others can donate to the project.

• A programme of income generation and match funding for the Chinbrook Big Local programme (ChART).


Priority 2 : Health & Well-being

• Carers Hub: Building on the scoping work implemented during Year One to establish a Carers Hubs within the Chinbrook Big Local area.

• Befriending Scheme for Older People – linked to the Community & Belonging Theme

• A programme of health and well being activities which include:
- Befriending Scheme for Older People – linked to the Community & Belonging Theme
- Parents Workshops in Substance Misuse


Priority 3 : Education, Training & Employment

• Self Employment / Small Business Development / Development of Social Enterprises:  
UnLtd – Star People Programme.  Workshops with Star People to encourage and support people to apply.

• Support for individuals to access employment opportunities:

• Homework Club – Development of a homework club for young people aged 11+.

• Development of a Menu of activities with young people

• Project with youth service to engage young people and develop and broker learning opportunities and design a programme.

• A parents programme to encourage shared activities with children and family learning activities and to include play and engagement skills for parents.

• Link with SI priority to develop training and advice on debt and financial management.

• Engage post 16 providers (such as Lewisham College) to provide satellite programmes for young people locally.


Priority 4 : Community & Belonging

• To commission a feasibility study into the development / creation of a Community Hub Chinbrook Big Local.  

• Creation of a Local Community Hub which links to each of the Plan themes to provide local and locally accessible services for local residents

• To be included within the Hub under the Education & Training Theme is a range of courses, events and activities delivered by a range of local partners.


Priority 5 : Parks & Green Spaces

• Building on Year one plan delivery the delivery of a sanctuary for bumblebees and butterflies in Chinbrook meadows allotments.

• Development of a Green and open spaces action plan to address the aspirations of the Chinbrook Big Local area.


Priority 6 : Community Safety

• Using the action plan commissioned during Year 1 to deliver a range of projects in partnership with the local Police and other relevant organisations which may include:

- Intergenerational project to reduce fears and increase trust between older people and young people (such as sharing skills).

- A project with local shopkeepers to improve relations with young people and increase safety.

- Project to create safe havens for people who feel unsafe.

- Self defence classes.

- Internet Safety Classes for parents and carers.

Years 2-5

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