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About Us

In 2013 the Chinbrook area was awarded £1m to spend over 10 years as part of the National Lottery’s Big Local programme, and so Chinbrook Action Residents Team (ChART) was formed to represent the area.

How the money is spent is decided by local residents and partners who form the ChART Steering Group. By talking to residents at events, conducting surveys and wider consultations we’ve identified key local needs and priorities; we’ve then developed and funded various programmes to address them.

About Us
About Us

Get Involved

Anyone living in the area, with a passion for building and developing a strong community, can apply to join the steering group.

And anyone can give ideas for new activities and events, and even apply for funding to run a project through the grants scheme.

The Plan

The ChART plan is reviewed every two years – we evaluate what has been achieved, talk to the wider community through surveys and informal events, and make a new plan that reflects the community’s current priorities.

About Us

Our Priorities

About Us

Health, Well-being and Environment

A healthy and well community. A community with access to appropriate projects which positively improve individuals’ well-being both physical and mental.

An engaged community who understands the wider impacts of lifestyle, economics, and environment on their own well-being.

Well used, vibrant spaces that the community takes pride in and uses to relax, learn and socialise.

Grants and Youth Opportunities

Opportunities to grow and learn, extend our horizons and try new activities that will bring us together across age groups and culturally diverse groups.

Young people should have opportunities to develop new skills and friendships and interests that widen their horizons.

About Us
About Us

Routes out of Poverty

Supporting families and individuals to find routes out of poverty; including fuel poverty, food poverty and helping people out of crisis.

Building a thriving and prosperous community, where young to old have access to reliable affordable finance and advice and support when times are hard.

Our Vision

Our vision for Chinbrook is a community:

About Us

where residents feel proud, embrace and celebrate our diversity;

About Us
About Us

where people respect each other, feel safe and cared for;

About Us

have a sense of belonging and neighbourliness where people know each other and care for each other;

where residents are able to meet their goals and live healthy and fulfilling lives;

About Us

taking a ‘cradle to grave’ approach with opportunities to grow and explore the world.

About Us

Project Area

The ChART area is in the South East corner of the London Borough of Lewisham on its boundary with the London Borough of Bromley.

Chinbrook lies between Grove Park and Mottingham, approximately half a mile East of Grove Park centre and is generally considered part of Grove Park.

The Chinbrook Big Local area consists of 1,615 properties; the vast majority of which are houses, the highest proportion of these houses are either social registered housing or owner occupied of a pre 1930’s terraced cottage design.

Within the area is the W G Grace Community Centre, The Grove Park Youth Centre, Marvels Lane Primary School, Word of Life Church and the local park Chinbrook Meadows.